Legislative Priorities

More Liberty, Less Government

Gun Rights

As the Gun Owners of America Texas State Director, a competitive shooter, and a hunter, Wes will never allow the government to take away the inalienable right to own a firearm and the right to defend yourself and your family. The 2nd Amendment is a restriction on the government. It is not a restriction on the citizen.

Pro Life

Wes will always fight for the life of the innocent. Our moral duty is to fight for those who can’t defend themselves, and he will never be ashamed of standing up for the unborn.

Election Reform

In the 87th legislative session, our representatives voted to reduce voter fraud penalties from a felony to a misdemeanor, Wes will fight to increase penalties for voter fraud. If we can’t trust our elections to be accurate, we can’t trust our government at all.

Parental Rights

Parents have a God-given, fundamental right to make decisions for the well-being and education of their own children. Too often, we hear cases of children exposed to inappropriate material or situations. Meanwhile, parents are being shut out of classrooms and school board meetings. Texas families deserve every opportunity to provide their children with the safest learning environment and one that makes the most sense for them.

Secure The Border

We cannot have a sovereign nation if we don’t have a secure border. We must stand up to Mexico and show we have the strength to secure and defend our border. Until our neighbors to the south take us seriously, we will continue to be trampled on. For years, elected officials have remained dead silent on these issues, and it is time that we have Representatives who will stand up and fight for the border.

End Property Taxes

Property Tax is one of the most egregious forms of taxation. Repeatedly paying a tax on our property means we are merely renting our house from the government. If we follow the principle of liberty, the government has no authority over our property.

Medical Freedom

No liberty-loving Texan would ever support violations against our individual and medical liberties.

Our government told citizens that their jobs were non-essential. They told business owners that they didn’t have the right to choose how and when they operate their businesses. They forced children and other citizens to wear useless masks against their will. Representatives have remained dead silent about the government’s abuse of power, and they didn’t stand up for us when we needed leaders to do so.

Unlike some of our Representatives, Wes will take a public stand against tyranny. When you are blessed with the platform to stand up for your fellow man, and you remain silent, you are as guilty as the tyrant himself.

Wes fights for you, not
corrupt Austin lobbyists or
big-city interests

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